New Fortnite Feature Will Reportedly Unlock NPC Commands

A notable Fortnite leaker claims that Epic Games will soon add a new feature that unlocks NPC quests for players.

NPCs, or characters, joined Fortnite in the December 2020 Chapter 2 Season 5 update, giving players new things to do on the map.

Initially, users could interact with over 40 different characters, though that number fluctuated over time.

As of now, about 30 NPCs remain in the game, offering quests, loot, and various services to those who want to invest more in the experience.

If the recently leaked details are correct, Fortnite players will soon be getting additional ways to interact with characters.

NPC Commands Reportedly Coming to Fortnite

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Players can find Rustler in the Shifty Shafts.

Well-known Fortnite leaker HYPEX claims an NPC Commands feature is coming to Fortnite sometime “soon”.

Apparently, once the supposed update goes live, players will have the option to command characters to perform tasks at the touch of a button.

What those tasks might entail now remains a mystery. However, HYPEX noted that the command wheel itself could have a lot in common with Fortnite’s emote wheel.

It’s also not clear when exactly Epic Games plans to deploy the new gameplay feature.

Fortnite leaks have been a regular occurrence over the years, thanks in no small part to data mining.

For example, another leak suggests an unannounced third Arcane collaboration will add Mel to the popular online title.

While players wait for news about Fortnite’s alleged NPC assignments and other leaks, the recently released 21.30 update has added new content to the mix.

The Prime Shotgun counts as such an addition, the damage boost after a reload proves to be quite effective in combat. New summer bundles and skins also hit the Item Shop at 9:30 PM.

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