New iOS 16.2 Home architecture recalled

Apple recently withdrew its Home architecture from user update options after multiple bug reports.

iOS 16.2 Home architecture

iOS 16.2 caused quite a headache for HomeKit users as they encountered multiple issues after updating to the latest architecture. As a result, Apple seemingly pulled the plug on the platform and disabled the option to do a Home Upgrade.

In general, HomeKit users will receive a “Home Upgrade Available” prompt stating that they can now get a new underlying architecture to improve the performance of their home. Following the action taken by the Cupertino-based company, the pop-up no longer appears and Apple has said they will relaunch it soon. There is no exact date when this will happen. Still, a new support document has been uploaded for those unlucky enough to update their device.

Apple HomeKit users are currently advised to remove homes without connected accessories and restart the invitation process.

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