New Mac Pro in the works, will be powered by the second-generation M1 Ultra

The M1 Ultra is Apple’s fastest custom SoC to date and is used in the Mac Studio. That’s going to change soon, as Apple already has plans for its successor, which is in development at the time of writing. That SoC is being designed and built for the more powerful Mac Pro.

Mac pro

When Apple unveiled the M1 Ultra, it stated that the most powerful chipset to come out of its doors was eight times the size of the M1 and was made by a combination of two M1 Max parts. This process has been given the name UltraFusion by Apple itself. Using this new technique, Apple has been able to unlock new levels of performance for the Mac Studio. Because the Mac Studio is designed as a stationary machine, it runs at a higher voltage without draining the battery. This is because it does not have to worry about the stress on the machines that come with portability.

A recent Bloomberg report suggests the Mac Pro will be more powerful than the Mac Studio. It will be codenamed J180 and will feature a chipset that will be the successor to the M1 Ultra. So far, no name has been given to this new chipset. This report by Mark Gurman offers no further insight into the successor to the M1 Ultra. We’re not sure how many cores it will be based on or what Apple will even call it.

Via Bloomberg

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