New Pokemon Unite Map Theia Sky Ruins Details: Improvements, Legendary Pokemon, Release Date Prediction

The brand new Pokemon Unite map, Theia Sky Ruins, will be released in the near future. From massive changes in aesthetics and gameplay affecting elements, there’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s everything currently known for the upcoming Pokemon Unite map: Theia Sky Ruins.

The new Pokemon Unite map, Theia Sky Ruins, has huge implications for the future of the game. People are speculating that it’s the new default map for ranked modes – which would basically mark the biggest evolution Pokemon Unite has seen to date.

Please note that much of the information here comes from the PBE. They may be subject to change when they are officially released on the general server. However, we know it’s coming and some key details have already been revealed.


Theia Sky Ruins in Pokemon Unite: Buffs

The jungle Pokemon buffs have been revamped on Theia Sky Ruins, with their locations slightly changed as well. Before both Ludicolo and Bouffalant spawn close to the entrance to the jungle. But on the new Pokemon Unite map, red and blue buff spawn more towards the center.

In addition, the Pokemon themselves are disabled and the buffs provide various effects. For those familiar with League of Legends, the buffs essentially reflect red and blue buffs from League.

red buff

The new red buff now causes Pokemon’s attacks to deal extra damage and decrease enemies’ movement speed. Previously it only slowed the movement speed of enemies without the extra damage. Bouffalant is also replaced by Escavalier.

Blue buff

The new blue buff reduces the cooldowns of the polished Pokemon’s moves. Previously, defeating it granted a buff that increases the damage to wild Pokemon the lower their health was. And like Red Buff, Ludicolo was replaced by Accelgor.

Pokemon Unite new mappokemon

Escavalier and Accelgor are the new buff that offers jungle pokemon

Theia Sky Ruins in Pokemon Unite: Legendary Pokemon

Legendary wild Pokemon serve as the biggest targets in the game. The days of Zapdos flipping and Dreadnaw abuse will be over – as these two Legendary Pokemon are replaced both in name and mechanics in Theia Sky Ruins.

Dreadnaw replacement

Instead of letting Dreadnaw spawn multiple times in the game, the Regis have taken their place. Registeel, Regice, and Regirock take turns appearing on the new Pokemon Unite map. It’s a bit uncertain which of the three Regis will initially spawn Theai Sky Ruins.

If it’s like League of Legends, they randomly switch off among each other. Each Regi has a different effect – instead of giving a global EXP boost like Dreadnaw did.

  • Registel: Increase attack and sp. attack for a short time
  • Regice: Increase your team’s HP recovery speed for a short time
  • Regirock: Increase defense and sp. defense for a short time
Pokemon Unite new mappokemon

Each Regi offers a unique temporary improvement

Rotational Replacement

Although Rotom is being replaced by Regieleki, the effects are still exactly the same. Essentially it is a purely aesthetic only change. After a successful removal, Regielki storms into the enemy target and opens it on contact.

Rayquaza replaces Zapdos

Zapdos has been a point of contention for many Pokemon Unite players for quite some time, essentially guaranteeing victory when knocked out. Opening all of the enemy’s targets creates little to no real counterplay. And since disabling Zapdos often relies on luck, it’s been a mechanic that’s plagued the game since the game’s first debut.

Rayquaza replaces Zapdos and offers several effects. Instead of opening the targets completely, Rayquaza gives your team a shield that increases scoring speed, in addition to a score shield barrier.

Pokemon Unite RayquazaYouTube: Pokemon Unite

Rayquaza doesn’t fully open the bases, but speeds up the scoring speed.

Theia Sky Ruins in Pokemon Unite: Release Date

There is no exact release date for the new Pokemon Unite map, but there is speculation. Since it launched on the PBE and Pokemon Unite released a trailer, it’s suspected to be out in early September – maybe it’ll be on September 2nd with the new battle pass next to Mew.

TiMi Studios hasn’t even officially shown Mew in trailers, but there’s a ton of evidence pointing to Mew’s September 2 release. For Pokemon Unite’s new map trailer, they said “coming soon”. So it makes sense that it will be officially released in early September, especially since it is already being tested by players on the PBE.

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