New RDNA3 GPU Specs Leaked, Seem Watered Down by Previous Rumors

New specifications for AMD’s next-generation “Navi 3x” GPUs, which will be based on the RDNA3 graphics architecture, have been shared by Twitter user Greymon55. These new specs contradict previous reports we’ve had on these GPUs. The new specifications show a more toned-down picture. The flagship GPU, the Navi 31, would now have 12288 Stream Processors, not 15360. It will also have 48 WGP (workgroup processors), 12 SA (shader arrays), and 6 SE (shader engines). Even though these are toned down specs that are still a 140% increase in Stream Processors over the Navi 21. This GPU is expected to power the cards that will succeed the Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6900 series.

The next chip is the Navi 32 which instead of 10240 Stream Processors will only have 8192 with 32 WGPs, 8 SAs and 4 SEs. Then finally there’s the 33, which seems to have the same specs as previously reported with 4096 stream processors, 16 WGPs, 4 SAs, and 2 SEs.

This is one of the first major specs updates we’ve had in about a year. Keep in mind that we are still months away from the launch of RDNA3 GPUs. For an overview of the chips, here’s a nice chart compiled by VideoCardz.

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