New Warzone 2 map seems more likely than ever according to Treyarch’s job posting

Published: 2022-12-04T00:25:57

Updated: 2022-12-04T00:26:08

A Call of Duty insider previously claimed that Treyarch would be in charge of developing a new Warzone 2 map for 2023, and a new job listing seems to confirm that.

Warzone 2 and Al-Mazrah are only a few weeks old, but it looks like the franchise is already putting together some building blocks for the future.

Back in October, TheGhostofHope suggested that the Black Ops studio had been given the go-ahead to work on the next map and a new Level Designer position could be proof that the plan is ready to come together.

Treyarch job posting reveals studio working on new Warzone map

The posting in question requires a Senior Level Designer to join the team and “work on content for Warzone, Outbreak, and other major map experiences.”

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There aren’t any hard details on what this means yet, but it certainly seems like Treyarch’s involvement in Warzone 2 is just getting started.

Of course, a new card does not have to mean a replacement for Al-Mazrah. We’ve already seen maps like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep come and go in the original Warzone and more of that flavor could be coming eventually.

However, if they follow the lead of the predecessor, fans could be in for a big change like the jump from Verdansk ’84 to Caldera.

It certainly looks like the second year of content for Modern Warfare 2 is getting a lot of attention from Infinity Ward and their supporting studios, so a major shake-up on Warzone’s part would be the perfect addition to those plans.

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