New Wild Rift Champion Samira Revealed: Abilities, Build, Runes and More

Now that Wild Rift Patch 3.3b is available, players will want to learn more about new sniper Samira. Here’s everything you need to know about the new champion, from her skills, knowledge and of course the best builds.

Initially teased in the preview of Wild Rift patch 3.3, Samira is a hypercarry marksman. Her play style prioritizes taking down the entire enemy team, similar to Katarina. This makes her incredible at destroying squishy, ​​less experienced players.

Here’s what you need to know about Samira in Wild Rift, including her knowledge, an overview of her skills and the best builds.


Who is Samira in Wild Rift?

Samira, the Desert Rose, was originally a street performer as a child, but her life quickly changed when her village was raided by armed strangers. These villains murdered innocent bystanders, and all Samira could do was hide from their sight.

The experience changed her, the frustrations of the event characterized her entire adult life. But she wasn’t mad at anonymous strangers, rather she got frustrated because she was too scared to change anything. From then on, she embraced her fear and vowed never to let her stop.

Initially, Samira expressed her determination through daring stunts. She eventually joined the Noxian Warband to support her family, where her natural physical abilities and insane focus allowed her to become a gifted warrior.

This is how her journey began. Her thirst for life-threatening adventures forced her to drive to continue despite surviving all the difficult circumstances. After her branch of the Noxian Warband was disbanded, Samira continued as a mercenary.

Wild Rift SamiraRiot Games

Samira joined the Wild Rift roster at the end of August 2022.

Samira skills in Wild Rift

For those familiar with Samira in League of Legends, her playstyle and skills shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. These are descriptions from the PC version and will likely remain the same for its Wild Rift iteration.

  • Passive – Daredevil Impulse: Samira links together non-repeating skills, from rank “E” to “S.” Each increase gives a bonus movement speed. She can also hit enemies with bullets or sword, allowing for both ranged and melee base attacks. Samira juggles enemies movement speed reduced enemies in the air, increasing CC duration.
  • 1 — Flair: Samira fires a shot with her pistol. If enemies are close, she cuts with her sword instead.
  • 2 — Leaf Swirl: Samira cuts through the air, creating a circle that deals damage and blocks projectile attacks.
  • 3 – Wild Rush: Samira runs through the enemy, dealing magical damage and gaining attack speed. Takedowns reset Wild Rush’s cooldown.
  • Ultimate (4) – Inferno Trigger: Samira unleashes a torrent of shots and attacks all nearby enemies 10 times over a period of time. Each shot makes a critical attack and can steal lives. She can only cast her ultimate cast if her passive is at rank S.

In the game, first take (1) Flair and then increase (3) Wild Rush. Next, learn (2) Blade Whirl, then prioritize (1) Flair upgrade first, then Wild Rush. And of course, learn (4) Inferno Trigger whenever possible.

Samira built in Wild Rift

To maximize Samira, players definitely need to build some life steals. This is because her ultimate, which is the key to her gear, also offers life steals, making for an unkillable machine. That’s why Blood Thirster is the best item to rush on Samira, as it also critiques.

Then go for an Infinity Edge if you play up front. If not, start building the boat spell. For boat enchanters, there are actually several options. As a base, we recommend Quicksilver as it provides the CC immunity to keep stacking Samira’s passive. Another great option is Stasis. Take the Omnivamp boots for maximum offensive engagement, or opt for the armor or magic resistance if you play more from behind.

The rest of the item build is a bit more flexible, depending largely on the matchups.

Wild Rift Samira BuildRiot Games

Build Wild Rift Samira item.

Samira runes in Wild Rift

For runes, make sure to take the conqueror, as Samira loves stacking skills anyway. This ensures maximum damage and omni-vamp during those signature massive team plays. Then take hunter vampirism, once again taking advantage of Samira’s innate synergy with life stealing.

Wild Rift Samira BuildRiot Games

Wild Rift Samira Runes.

For the dissolving rune, take the nullifying orb, as it helps Samira stay alive if she is in low health. And for the last tree, take either a sweet tooth or a hunting genius.

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