Next Tomb Raider game will be based on Unreal Engine 5

Earlier today, the Crystal Dynamics studio took the stage at the “State of Unreal 2022” event and announced the start of development for the next chapter in the Tomb Raider franchise. It’s a lucky day because Epic Games has also announced that it will be launching the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. We’ve already seen this engine in a number of demos and the developers have had it in their hands for quite some time.

Many game studios have announced that they will be using this engine to develop their games, Crystal Dynamics being one of them. The next chapter in the Tomb Raider series has been confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5. We’re still guessing, but it’s possible that this new chapter is a continuation of the 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Let’s wait for the developers to announce the official name of the new chapter.

It’s not uncommon anymore for game studios to ditch their own engines and go for the latest ones, especially those supported by multiple developers. Tomb Raider will also follow a similar trend, with it abandoning its own Foundation engine and using the UE5 instead. CD Project Red also announced that their new Witcher game will also use the UE5.

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