Niantic fixes Pokemon Go’s most annoying item problem, but there’s a catch

. Last updated: July 24, 2022

Niantic is slowly rolling out a new Pokemon Go feature that will allow players to open gifts even if their bags have reached the item limit, but there’s a catch.

By taking walks and going on regular adventures, people can earn quite a few items per night. Very quickly people can find their bags full of items, forcing them to remove some stuff to make room or cough up 200 coins to get 50 extra slots.

It has been an ongoing problem for many who play the game casually and feel strapped for future options.

Niantic must have heard the calls since they introduced a new feature that can incentivize people for some extra leeway to clear their gifts.

There are some Pokemon Go players with a new option that allows them to get Stardust from Gifts, if they have a bag that is up to its limits.

While there are people who already have the feature, some players said they haven’t received it yet. It may take a while for everyone to see it on their side.

How to open Pokemon Go gifts with a bag full of items?

To check if you have the feature, just head over to the Settings tab and find it a few options below “Adventure Sync.” You should be able to see ‘Open gifts when item bag is full’.

When you go to open a gift, the game still gives you the option to open it or go into your bag to manage (remove) items instead.

People see that the game only gives you 50 Stardust for your problems. You can regularly unpack a few hundred Stardust per Gift, so that takes quite a bit.

It’s not ideal, but it does let Pokemon Go players clear Gifts and get something for their troubles if they’re desperate not to remove items.

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