Niantic launches new AR game ‘Peridot’

Game developer Niantic is going to release a new augmented reality game for iOS, titled ‘Peridot’.

AR game Peridot

Niantic is best known for producing the popular game ‘Pokemon Go’. Peridot is a similar game, but instead of pocket monsters, users are tasked with taking care of a virtual pet. It’s a pet sim game modeled after ‘Tamagotchi’, but in an AR environment.

Peridot users can take their ‘dots’ for walks, play games, find hidden treasures in real locations, take pictures and breed them to get different archetypes. The official announcement teaser was revealed on Niantic’s official YouTube channel and is only about half a minute long.

The release date for ‘Peridot’ is still not certain, but certain markets are reportedly going to see it sooner in the future. Those interested can sign up on Niantic’s official website and receive email notifications through newsletters.

Niantic’s game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, was discontinued in January this year.

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