NiceWigg explains the ‘strongest’ way to use Pathfinder in Apex Legends Season 14

James ‘NiceWigg’ Martin of 100 Thieves has highlighted the best way to use Pathfinder in Apex Legends these days, claiming that there is a certain arena that makes Pathy “strong”.

While Respawn Entertainment continues to add new legends to Apex Legends, there are a handful of characters from the original roster who remain quite popular despite the changes.

One is Pathfinder, the humorous, deadpan robot who can help his team out of trouble thanks to his powerful Zipline ultimate. Although he’s had a few nerfs, Pathy still holds onto one of the best pick percentages in the game and remains a top-five character for use in Season 14.

The exploration legend is still a powerful choice on any map, but according to NiceWigg, it shines brightest when it comes to Kings Canyon.

NiceWigg explains the best way to use Pathfinder in Apex Legends

The 100 Thieves star spoke about the Forward Scout on a recent stream when he explained that Pathy outperforms any other map in the Battle Royale on Kings Canyon.

“I don’t think Pathfinder is phenomenal, I just think it’s really good at Kings Canyon,” NiceWigg said. “I feel like Pathfinder is a very, obviously elusive legend, but the struggle at Kings Canyon with the way that altitude plays out, I think it’s very strong.

“I think he’s very, very strong on that front. He’s definitely a selfish character. That’s one you have to do with Pathfinder on KC, that guy is an opportunity and I’m full of HP? It’s my job to to get that knock.”

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The former Apex pro noted that you can use Pathfinder in a less selfish way, but his skills are suitable for playing for yourself – even if you can help your team.

So the next time you go to the Apex Games and consider using Path, it might be best to first consider which map you’re playing on.

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