NICKMERCS Says Apex Legends Catalyst “Will Change Everything” In Season 15

published: 2022-10-23T18:13:36

Updated: 2022-10-23T18:13:49

After watching the Apex Legends Season 15 launch trailer, NICKMERCS was very impressed with the early look at Catalyst’s skill set.

Apex Legends Season 15 is almost here and players are extremely curious about the new Legend, Catalyst.

For those who don’t know, Catalyst is a new defensive legend with the ability to build walls and reinforce doors with a substance known as ferrofluid.

Early impressions around Catalyst’s abilities seem positive, with Twitch streamer NICKMERCS even saying the new Legend might “change everything” for Apex Legends.

NICKMERCS weighs in on Apex Legends’ Catalyst

In a recent YouTube video, NICKMERCS took the time to watch the Apex Legends Season 15 launch trailer, which showed a cinematic depiction of the new defensive Legend in action.

After watching the trailer and seeing Catalyst’s skills in action, the streamer remained optimistic about how she would change Apex Legends.

“That character is going crazy… A wall you can scan through. It’s crazy how much this stuff will change strategy, you know? It keeps it fresh and I definitely like that… But that’s going to change everything.”

NICKMERCS was particularly focused on how Catalyst’s scan-blocking walls will change Apex Legends’ scan-heavy meta.

Topic starts at 0:45 for those on mobile.

“If it really blocks Seer stuff, Seer won’t be played anymore. I think they’ll play her?’ the content creator wondered.

Seer was a dominant force in Season 14, with some players even calling on Respawn to nerf the Recon Legend in Season 15.

However, NICKMERCS was quick to acknowledge that players “never know” how the meta will actually shake up until Legends are implemented and the season is in full swing.

“You never know. Bloodhound might dive back in. You never know until it really changes.”

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