Ninja Explains Why Nadia’s Warzone Cheat Controversy Was Actually “Genius”

Alec Mullins

published: 2022-09-24T01:47:24

Updated: 2022-09-24T01:47:45

Warzone streamer Nadia was at the center of several alleged cheating controversies in 2022, and now Ninja has joined the conversation and expressed his opinion on the precarious situation.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has seen it all in the world of streaming. The multi-FPS pro and titan of the streaming space has taken the gauntlet of both online gaming and LAN competitions, making him a qualified candidate whenever there is a cheat debate in the gaming community.

While clips have surfaced earlier in September that supposedly showed Fortnite’s former face mocking Nadia’s plight, he’s now clarified exactly how he feels about Nadia’s success and the growing number of players who think she’s cheating.

Ninja calls Nadia a ‘marketing genius’ after Warzone hacking controversy

Ninja was streaming when a viewer asked him what he thought of the situation surrounding Nadia, including her departure from the Call of Duty NEXT Modern Warfare 2 event,

Blevins didn’t hesitate to praise Nadia for the way she handled the constant influx of attention and also took the time to make it clear that he doesn’t think she’s cheating.

“I think she’s a fucking marketing genius. She guides you through the whole cheating thing. There are a lot of people, also called men, who are absolutely crazy and pay her a lot of attention,” he said.

He later referenced the extended clip Nadia showed on her channel showing the full exchange that led to her leaving her station during the event to bring his point home.

This is quite a compliment from the man who elevated Fortnite (and in some ways streaming culture) to the global mainstream and founded one of the most recognizable brands in gaming. Such a portfolio is one of a kind and it is clear that he has respect for the way Nadia has mastered an unstable moment in her career.

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