Nintendo’s Wii Fit Balance Boards are now best used as welcome mats

published: 2022-10-21T17:12:47

Updated: 2022-10-21T17:12:58

While dropping off packages, a delivery person noticed that someone in a retirement community had found a new purpose for Wii Fit Balance Boards.

An accessory for the Wii and later the Wii U, Nintendo’s Balance Board was released in 2008 along with Wii Fit.

Sensors on the board tracked the user’s balance and weight, yielding data that Nintendo once claimed was more accurate than the average consumer scale.

Like the Wii, the Balance Board sold like hotcakes throughout its lifecycle, reaching over 30 million units in 2012. Surely someone is using the leftover Nintendo relics for something.

People are still making good use of Wii Fit Balance Boards

The r/gaming subreddit gets a kick out of a post from POSITIVE showing exactly how people who once invested in Wii Fit accessories are still using the products.

During a delivery to a retirement community, the Redditor left packages at a home that replaces two of the Wii balance boards as a welcome mat.

It’s a funny sight to see, but other Redditors noted that the doormat comparison could be a little reductive.

Since this is a senior community, reason suggests that the Wii Fit Balance Boards could double as a step-up platform, making it easier for the resident to get in and out of the front door.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that the nearly fifteen-year-old Wii accessory still serves a purpose.

Wii Fit software and the connected devices would have come in handy at the height of the global health crisis in 2020. But many people have settled for Ring Fit Adventure, another of Nintendo’s movement-centric endeavors that took the world by storm.

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