NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” With 3-Slot Desktop GPU Support Teased By Intel

Intel showed off their soon-to-be-released NUC 13 Extreme Modular PC, aka Raptor Canyon, at TwitchCon. In fact, we’ve already seen a NUC 13 Compute Element, a PCIe-based motherboard with a 13th-generation CPU and RAM that was supposedly planned for the Raptor Canyon. The final product does indeed resemble the leaked render.

The next generation NUC Extreme will be significantly larger than the previous one (13.9L vs. 8L chassis). This will keep Intel moving away from the small form factor for the most powerful NUC series, but it doesn’t mean Intel will forgo smaller devices.

Rather, the company has previously introduced its NUC 12 Enthusiast and NUC 12 Pro series, each with its own form factor and different uses (gaming and business). The Extreme series is intended to be used in place of a desktop computer and has the ability to update the central processing unit (CPU), storage and memory in addition to the graphics.

Despite the release of Intel’s Arc A7 Limited Edition dual-slot GPUs, the next-generation NUC Extreme will support even larger desktop cards. The NUC 13 Extreme can also accommodate custom 2.5 and 3-slot Arc A7 cards from ASRock or GUNNIR. The official TwitchCon presentation included a GeForce RTX 30 GPU and an unidentified Raptor Lake CPU.

In a few weeks, the final Raptor Canyon specs, along with further details such as pricing and delivery date, will be made public.

Via Intel

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