NVIDIA Demos GeForce RTX 4090 with 2850 MHz in stock

NVIDIA is meticulous in its attention to detail. After announcing the new RTX 40 “Ada” series, they are now revealing more information. NVIDIA had planned for this information to be released as soon as possible, as the gameplay demo presented to a select few reporters yesterday is not under embargo.

The RTX 4090 GPU was demonstrated using on-screen GPU measurements in the Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS3 demo. The GPU clock speed is also displayed on the OSD, which is the first time NVIDIA has confirmed the ‘true’ frequency of the RTX 4090 GPU. It is higher than the official boost clock. The card operates at a GPU speed of 2800-2850 MHz, approximately 300 MHz faster than the stated boost speed.

While NVIDIA’s CEO has hinted that the RTX 4090 has already been observed clocking 3.0GHz during internal overclocking experiments, we have yet to confirm this. But since the defaults set the clock speed at 2.85GHz, the CEO’s claims aren’t far from the reality.

In addition, the demo featured Cyberpunk 2077 in 1440p resolution with NVIDIA’s latest DLSS3 upscaling technology. NVIDIA has listed this game as one of 35 games that will receive a patch that adds DLSS3 functionality. This method increases the frame rate from 60 to 171 frames per second while reducing GPU power by more than 100W.

While the results are certainly intriguing, it may be too early to declare this technology a success. NVIDIA will release the samples to reviewers next week so they can validate those claims.

Via Wccftech

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