NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series is now available at dirt cheap prices

As NVIDIA plans to announce the successor to Ampere architecture, retailers have started to clear inventory for the high-end RTX 30 models. Until a few months ago, these models were unaffordable in terms of pricing and now they are available at extremely discounted rates with prices dropping hundreds of dollars.

The Ada GPUs will replace the RTX 3090 series, which now retails for just $1129 / $959 for 3090 Ti/3090 models. The Ti was the flagship model and recently made its debut in March this year and will likely be available for half the price in a few weeks. The RTX 3090 is still struggling to sell, despite being discounted to nearly $1,000.

Amazon has listed the RTX 3090 for $959 and the Ti model for $1129. The same Ti model is listed on Newegg for $1149. Some listings had the same model for even $1099, but these listings have ended. Best Buy also listed the RTX 3080 Ti for $739.99, its lowest ever! In conclusion, we can say that now is a perfect time to purchase an RTX 30 GPU.

Via Videocardz

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