NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti now available for just $900

While retailers are doing their best to take the high-end GeForce RTX 30 models off their hands, the mid-range and entry-level SKUs are still not a part of this. NVIDIA has not announced any price cuts for its RTX 30 series that was expected this month. In fact, retailers and board partners themselves offer unofficial price cuts and sell the cards at discounted prices.

This fiasco has led to further price reductions. The RTX 3090 Ti had already dropped from $2000 to $1500 and dropped further to $1450 within 10 days. This information is based on the latest prices from Newegg.

The same is the case with the RTX 3090, which retails for just $1250. MSI is offering an even bigger discount for the RTX 3080 Ti Ventus. If you opt for mail-in-rebate, you can get the card for as little as $900, and $200 again in just 10 days. While this discount comes from a single local store, it clearly shows the trend that will be followed by other businesses as well. Looking at the trend of MSRPs, we can notice that these huge discounts are only for the high-end models, while the mid-range and low-end SKUs still sell for more than their MSRPs.

As September approaches, retailers’ offers will increase, especially for the high-end series. Since NVIDIA is already planning to launch the RTX 4090, there is tremendous pressure on retailers to ditch the previous RTX3090Ti/3090 cards.

Via Newegg, VideoCardz

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