NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 with old-school blower-type cooler is now on sale

With a TDP of 450W, the RTX 4090 GPU is not expected to be equipped with blower-style cooling, but such a card does exist.

The first map was reportedly made by Manli; however, the company subsequently contacted Videocardz to refute these allegations. The card appears almost identical to the leaked data sheet; however, it is not similar. This RTX 4090 has a blower-style fan and a 16-pin power connector. However, the card is limited to 450 W TDP and is sold with a 3x-8-pin power connector; in one case, there was some doubt about the cooling power (most RTX 4090 cards come with 48-pin, which unlocks 450W+ power).

Even with RTX 4090, the card’s price of 15,000 RMB (2,150 USD) is quite high. The latest lowest price for RTX 4090 in China is around RMB 13,000, but several high-end custom models, such as Colorful iGame Vulcan, cost around RMB 15,000. Therefore, this pricing is not particularly attractive as there are significantly better alternatives.

A few years ago, fan coolers were the cheapest alternative to custom liquid-cooled systems. These cards are also used efficiently in clusters with multiple GPUs for complex computational tasks or anything else that CUDA can perform efficiently. NVIDIA has its RTX workstation and data center GPUs ahead of everything else, which is why board partners were instructed to abandon their ambitions for high-end blower cards.

Via Goofish, VideoCardz

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