NVIDIA H100 “Hopper” GPU Listed for $36,000 USD in Japan

The NVIDIA H100 is now listed with GDEP Advance. It is priced at 4,745,950 yen, which equates to $36,550. For this price you get the NVIDIA Hopper HPC accelerator which comes with a memory of 80 GB. The price mentioned above includes all hidden costs related to taxes and shipping costs. Without these, the card alone will cost $33,200.

So far, the official suggested retail price for the H100 GPU variants has not yet been confirmed by NVIDIA. The Hopper HPC supports PCIe and provides passive cooking for servers.

The H100 first came to us at the GTC in 2022 and will not be available until this year’s H2. This will be NVIDIA’s first GPU to be based on TSMC 4nm process technology and the latest data center solution. This technology can pack about 80 billion transistors into just 814 mm² of silicon.

This PCIe-based 80 GB memory has a memory bandwidth of 2 TB/s. It uses the PCIe Express 5.0 interface, making it the first card from NVIDIA to do so. Compared to the SXM variant which has 16896 CUDA cores, it only comes with 14592 cores. However, both configurations do not represent the full implementation of the GH100 GPU. Another major difference is that the SXM model has the HBM3 memory, while the H100 PCIe model has the HBM2. The TDP has also been reduced considerably with this variant.

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