NVIDIA Postpones The Launch Of Its GeForce GTX 1630 And RTX 40 Series

We had our eyes set on the launch of NVIDIA’s GTX 1630 graphics card next week, but it seems the company had other plans. Just a few days ago, NVIDIA shared an update on the embargo timeline for the 1630. Few sources have confirmed that NVIDIA sent a letter to its board partners with the new embargo date listed as “to be determined.” It has something to do with issues related to the procurement of some necessary components apart from GPUs.

The GTX 1630 ‘GTMK’ (Go to Market Kit) was delivered on May 31 and some board partners had already made the first cards that are currently being validated. In terms of packaging and design, these two issues have been finalized and approved. The only thing board partners are waiting for now is the launch date.

RTX 40 Series

The RTX 40 on the other hand has gotten some push as we get a recent update on its launch date. We’ve already reported that the RTX 40 series is being pushed back, but we wanted multiple sources to confirm this before we could be completely optimistic about it. The latest update confirms a one-month delay for the RTX 4090. The launch date was originally planned for August, but has now been pushed back to September. The same goes for the RTX 4080; the launch date has been postponed to November from October.

New launch dates

GeForce GTX 1630: TBD
GeForce RTX 4090: September 2022
GeForce RTX 4080: October 2022
GeForce RTX 4070: November 2022

We want to make it clear that this data is not necessarily the ultimate goal. Because things are changing so quickly in the GPU market, the focus is only on selling more of the RTX 30 graphics cards before the RTX 40 becomes available. Therefore, it is very likely that we will see price cuts in the RTX 30 series, although we have not heard anything about this from NVIDIA so far.

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