NVIDIA RTX 40 reportedly 800W on desktop and 175W on laptops

Those laptops based on the NVIDIA RTX 40 have power limits that are almost equal to those of the current generation. Kopite7kimi recently revealed that the AD103, the flagship of the mobile component, will have a TGP of 175W. This is the same TGP generated by the existing GA103 launched early this year. You may be interested to learn that the same maximum TGP will apply to the AD104 GPU, at just 10W compared to the GA104 models.

Kopite7kimi further claims that the power limit of the AD102 will be 800W. They are the same people who previously leaked that a 900W SKU was currently being validated by NVIDIA. This particular SKU would probably come with an even higher TGP. But only one of these rumors could be true.

Let’s see what the actual difference is between the power limit and the TDP of the actual GeForce SKU. The power limit is higher by locking overclocking and reaches a higher value. The TDP, on the other hand, is almost certainly lower. This means that the stated power limits do not necessarily apply to the TDP of the RTX 4090/4080/4070 and 4060 series.

Rather, these could limit the power the board partners decide to apply and most likely through manual overclocking.

Speaking of power limits, the TDP is likely to remain higher for almost all RTX 40 SKUs. It remains to be clarified whether or not NVIDIA plans to release all RTX 40 cards equipped with the new PCIe Gen5 power connector, which alone gives a power boost of up to 600W.

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