NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Gen 5 Power Adapters have a limited lifespan of just 30 connect and disconnect cycles

The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards will use the new PCIe Gen 5 power connector (12+4 pin ATX 12VHPWR). The power supplies that come with these connectors are currently very limited, so if you want to start using one of the new RTX 40 series cards, you’ll need an adapter. These adapters have as many as four 8-pin connectors routed into a single Gen 5 cable.

Apparently these adapters do not have a long life. According to a listing on the Zotac website, their PCIe Gen 5 adapter that takes four 8-pin connections to a single 16-pin connection has a lifespan of just 30 connect/disconnect. While this shouldn’t be a problem for most games, as they install the card once and forget about it for years, reviewers and overclockers who use open-air test benches and move hardware can have a big problem with this. It seems that for these use cases someone would need at least a pair of these adapters, if not a power supply with a native 12+4 pin ATX 12VHPWR connection.

I think this is a limitation of the adapter that has been rated by NVIDIA for the maximum number of times the adapter can handle connection cycles before the contacts start to wear out, and it is no longer safe to use. If you look at the image of the Zotac adapter, it has an NVIDIA logo on it, which means NVIDIA supplies the adapter directly to AIC partners.

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