NVIDIA RTX 4080 reportedly has 23 Gbps GDDR6X memory with 340 watts total board power

As we get closer to the release date of NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce RTX 40 series, they’re cycling through different card specs to evaluate their cost and performance for each model. Kopite7kimi, who we know for its accurate hardware leaks and who has provided updates to these various specifications.

According to its latest update, the GeForce RTX 4080 could get 23 Gbps GDDR6X memory faster. This is, of course, an upgrade from the previous spec list, with the memory set to 21 Gbps. This could also mean that the RTX 4090 could get the same speed memory. It’s also worth noting that Total Board Power (TBP) has been changed from 420W to 340W. As a reminder, there is a number other than TDP.

The rest of the specs seem to be the same with the AD103 GPU packing in 9728 CUDA cores and 16GB of memory over a 256-bit bus.

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