NVIDIA RTX A5500 with RTX 3080 Ti specs and 6 laptop SKUs announced by NVIDIA

With GA102 GPU and 1024 CUDA cores, the new A5500 is NVIDIA’s newly announced desktop workstation graphics card. Here we see a similarity with the specifications of the RTX 3080 Ti gaming GPU. However, there is one important area where it stands out and that is GDDR6 memory on the workstation model, with the EEC. The gaming GPU, on the other hand, has a GDDR6X. We are still waiting for NVIDIA to announce more details about the specs spectrum such as TDP or the clock speeds.

In addition, NVIDIA will release six new laptop workstation GPUs, including the flagship model of the A5500, fully equipped with a GA103 GPU with 7424 cores. In addition, it will get a GDDR6 memory of 16 GB. This leads us to conclude that NVIDIA is also diving into RTX 3080 Ti desktop and laptop relaunch for workstations.

RTX A500 with only 4 GB of memory and 2048 CUDA cores, it is the slowest Ampere laptop GPU released to date. There are also other models such as the A1000 (4 GB), the A2000 (8 GB) and the A3000 (12 GB). The RTX A4500 has been slightly upgraded and will feature 16 GB of memory with a GA 104 GPU.

Via ComputerBase

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