NVIDIA Wants to Implement “Verified Priority Access” for GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition Purchases

NVIDIA is currently testing a new program called Verified Priority Access. It allows gamers and content developers to purchase an RTX 4090 graphics card without having to search for one in stock. The program appears to be a knock-off of EVGA Priority Access, which gave verified members privileged early access to the EVGA queuing system and, as a result, the ability to reserve a new GPU.

It seems that the NVIDIA program is only available in some regions for the Founders Edition. The invite should appear in GeForce Experience, so if you’re not using it, there’s none for you.

The VPA is accessible in the following countries:
LDLC (France, Italy and Spain)
Best Buy (United States)
Scan (UK)
NBB (Germany & The Netherlands)

NVIDIA has not announced how many invites will be distributed or what method will be used to identify “gamers.” We can only hope that GeForce Experience doesn’t look at our financial information.

We know that buying a new product right before its launch date is often challenging for a variety of reasons. Today we’re testing a program we call Verified Priority Access — which gives a limited number of GeForce gamers and creators the chance to purchase a GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition graphics card.

Invited users will receive a GeForce Experience in-app notification that generates a unique URL, connecting invitees in certain regions to a Founders Edition partner. Currently, Verified Priority Access tests include: Best Buy (United States), Scan (United Kingdom), NBB (Germany and Netherlands), and LDLC (France, Italy and Spain).

— Suroosh@NVIDIA


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