Official Gameboy Advance Emulator Leaked For Nintendo Switch

Newly leaked images reportedly reveal Nintendo’s official Game Boy Advance emulator coming to Switch very soon.

Nintendo fans have wanted to see a Game Boy Advance emulator for the Switch for years. As one of the most popular handheld consoles of all time, the GBA has many fans looking for its games to replay.

We could get our chance to do that very soon, as images of an alleged GBA emulator from Nintendo itself have reportedly been leaked.

Game Boy Advance Emulator for Nintendo Switch Leaked

The images of the GBA emulator were posted to Twitter by user @Trashbandatcoot, who got them from 4chan. However, it is always wise to take any leak from 4chan with a grain of salt as it is notorious for fakes.

But that said, these images look promising.

Games on the emulator include Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, Mario Kart, Mario Bros, Golden Sun, and more. Since there are thousands of games released for the GBA, this can be a very small sample of everything on offer.

A native GBA emulator on the Switch is a big deal in its own right, but what this leak doesn’t tell us is when we might see it become available.

However, when we look at planned maintenance for Nintendo Switch Online, we see that there is indeed something will be added on April 26.

Now this date could be for Nintendo Switch Sports, which comes out just a few days later on April 29, but it could also be when the GBA emulator is added as well.

Only time will tell, but the good news is we won’t have to wait long to find out what it is.

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