OnePlus makes a mechanical keyboard in collaboration with Keychron

OnePlus has now revealed a new co-creation platform called “OnePlus Featuring” where the company will collaborate with third parties to develop new products. To develop a new computer keyboard, OnePlus is teaming up with Keychron, the first company to do so.

For OnePlus, the keyboard will be a first. It includes a mechanical key switch design with programmable keys. In addition, the only information provided was that it would be available internationally in early 2023.

With a large fan base, mechanical keyboards are a hot category right now. Keychain has been around since 2017 and is a well-known name in this market. The users of the OnePlus community rated this category as the best choice for a future OnePlus product offering, so it’s not surprising that OnePlus is expanding in this space.

Two new PC displays are also being released, indicating the company’s eagerness to expand its presence in the PC industry. Interestingly, so is Xiaomi. The PC market is going to be the next big battlefield for these companies.

In addition, it is 9 years ago this month that OnePlus was founded. In the first three quarters of 2022, the company grew at an annualized rate of 43.8% and 104.6% in Asia Pacific and India, respectively. The company also states that there are 30 million members of OnePlus’ membership program, Red Cable Club, and many new goods will be on sale worldwide in the coming months.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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