Online Mac Studio teardown suggests an upgradable SSD [Video]

A recent teardown video from the Mac Studio shows that users may be able to upgrade the device’s SSD.

YouTube channel Max Tech shows in its online video how the storage is divided into two separate slots, with the part being easily removable and replaceable as it is not soldered. The video further shows that the individual storage in both slots is interchangeable and has a modular feature.

Apple says the SSD part of Mac Studio is “not accessible to the user” on its official website, saying that interested buyers should choose their preferred storage from the get-go. The reason for this may be that it is difficult to get into the internal storage area, as this requires the removal of the rubber ring of the machine at the base and the removal of four screws.

Max Tech mentions that Apple may schedule an SSD upgrade at a later date, albeit reserved only for repair technicians and repairs. Other silicon-based Macs have their SSDs soldered in place.

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