OpTic Dashy explains how nerfing aim assist can improve Call of Duty forever

published: 2022-10-01T23:28:25

Updated: 2022-10-01T23:28:45

Aim assist has been a hot topic in the FPS community for years, and OpTic Dashy believes toning down the automated assist could be the key to giving Call of Duty a second wind.

Since the dawn of the battle royale era of online gaming, aim assist has found a way to divide almost every community that splits players between controller or mouse and keyboard and CoD is no exception.

While the Call of Duty League scene didn’t have much to worry about due to the long tradition of the pro scene being played strictly on the controller, OpTic Dashy thinks it might be time for a little tweak to the game. system to make the game more competitive.

Dashy explains how aim assist is holding back the new era of Call of Duty

On the September 29 OpTic Podcast, Dashy was joined by Hitch, H3CZ, and MBoze as they discussed the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

While the feedback was mostly positive, there were some notable issues, according to the panel. Of the more notable topics was the inclusion of the all-new cloak system, Dead Silence as a field upgrade, and an incredibly fast time-to-kill across the board.

While discussing how quickly players die, the star AR player from OpTic Texas pointed out that aim assist only exacerbates the problem and raises the skill level across the board to levels that are unhealthy for the game.

He specifically emphasized the ‘Dynamic’ setting of the target’s response curve, which, without getting too technical, is largely intended for players who are unusually looking into their environment.

“It’s literally an AI… it’s a real aimbot,” he claimed. “Everyone looks like they have the best gunny ever and it makes every CoD look like a point-and-click. No skill required.”

Hitch followed that up by saying that casual players now shoot as straight as some of the most legendary Call of Duty players of all time and Dashy backed him up by saying that “my grandma probably got me from a [headglitch] in one of these beta games.”

While the franchise is unlikely to make a drastic change this close to MW2’s release, the CDL pros can take matters into their own hands and agree not to use it in the upcoming season if it proves too powerful this year. to be.

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