Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Leak Claims New Heroes Take Up To “15 Hours” To Unlock

A new round of Overwatch 2 leaks has suggested it could take players around 15 hours to unlock future heroes without paying a premium for instant battle pass unlocking.

With Overwatch 2’s October 4 release date approaching, leaks are constantly slipping through the cracks. From Blizzard direct to various streamers, we’ve seen everything from battle pass details to full-fledged animated shorts pop up online over the past week.

Just four days ago, a quickly deleted update to the Watchpoint Pack description on BattleNet let us know that not only is the next hero Kiriko, but players will need to unlock it through Season 1’s Battle Pass.

Purchasing the Season “Premium” Battle Pass grants you “automatic” access to the new support. But if you’d rather not invest real money, the character has to be earned manually.

While Overwatch Commercial Lead Jon Spector quickly confirmed that all future heroes will be in Free Tiers, not the premium track, many started speculating how tedious the unpaid path could be.

While nothing has been confirmed by the developers yet, a new leak has seemingly clarified some details. Obviously you should take this information with a grain of salt for now, but this is what the 4Chan post wanted to reveal.

Battle Passes in Overwatch 2 will cost $10 USD (or 1,000 Overwatch Coins), according to the leaker. By paying this fee, players will reportedly unlock Kiriko right away, along with a Legendary skin to boot.

However, for those wanting to avoid the expense, Kiriko can be found on Tier 20, the anonymous leaker claimed. “It takes on average about 12-15 hours to grind into” [Tier] 20 depending on your win rate and which mode you are playing. Quick Play is the fastest. Arcade takes longer.”

Overwatch 2 Battle Passsnow storm

According to the latest leaks, players will have to go through 20 Tiers to unlock new heroes.

If you miss a particular season and thus unlock a new hero, you’ll still have access down the line, they continued.

For example, when Season 2 is running, the Season 1 Battle Pass will no longer be in effect to help you acquire Kiriko. A permanent challenge will be implemented once the season is over. For the upcoming Support, this challenge is said to consist of winning 25 games in Quick Play as a Support.

Again, this information has yet to be confirmed by official sources, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is true. However, with the full release of Overwatch 2 just weeks away, we won’t be waiting long to find out.

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