Overwatch 2 bugs force mid-game team changes, but not everyone hates them

published: 2022-10-11T11:54:22

Updated: 2022-10-11T11:54:41

An Overwatch 2 bug forces all players to switch teams mid-game, and fans are divided on whether to remove it or implement a new game mode.

While Overwatch 2 has had an undeniably successful launch, the release isn’t without its interesting bugs and glitches. One such bug was shared on Reddit and is both hilarious and extremely frustrating for those on the winning side of their Quick Play Overwatch game.

Essentially, the bug is seen to have swapped the two teams, forcing the winning team to randomly switch to the losing team during the extra time of a Quick Play match on Route 66.

The post gained some traction with commentators quick to pick the game for its bugs, while others argued that the team change mechanic could be an interesting addition to the gameplay.

While the poster was experiencing this bug and was confused during gameplay and afterwards, they took to Reddit to ask if it was a bug someone else had experienced and shared the frustration of being forced to the losing team.

Some commenters agreed with the poster’s frustrations, proving their shock that the bug makes the game “literally unwinnable”. While others joked that the rather unpredictable glitch “must be one of the funniest bugs I’ve ever seen.” The hilarity is heightened by the apparent confusion of both the player and the rest of their team.

On the other hand, despite the bug being unpredictable and frustrating for the team winning in the first place, multiple fans took to the post to suggest how nice it would be if it was implemented.

One commenter pointed out that the bug would be “great in the arcade”, suggesting that “a game mode with random swaps. Stuck with heroes the opposing team picked” would be an enjoyable match for everyone.

Many agreed, emphasizing that “this would actually be nice to have in QP or some Arcade mode” as long as players actively signed up for it.

It’s likely that no one wants it to happen randomly due to a bug that forces them to lose the game, but many would love to see a similar idea in an Arcade game.

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