Overwatch 2 datamine reveals new “clubs” amid guild speculation

An Overwatch 2 datamine has revealed a new ‘clubs’ feature amid speculation the sequel will feature guilds or clans.

Overwatch fans have been concerned about clans since the game’s inception, with players unable to show their loyalty.

In the base game, tournaments and other team events are limited to third-party platforms and players have no options to participate in leagues as a squad.

Now it looks like that’s all going to change with “clubs,” a feature that seems to have components similar to guilds found in other games.

Is Overwatch 2 getting a clan system?

A new datamined by Twitter user “Hellba” has revealed a series of files in the Overwatch 2 beta related to “clubs,” just one day after discovering a battle pass hidden in the game.

Note that it appears that players can join clubs based on roles and also enroll in the club, although it’s unclear what that would entail.

In addition, the datamine indicates that players can only join a certain number of clubs and there also seems to be a club function related to streaming.

Clan System in Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

A clan system may have leaked back at BlizzCon.

The datamines match an earlier BlizzCon 2021 leak where players discovered that Blizzard accidentally included a clan tag in a profile they showed in a blog post. The clan tag had faded in a video with the same profile.

It should be noted, however, that while these files were found in the beta, they may not actually be accessible until the game is fully released.

Until then, make sure to sign up now for your chance to play the Overwatch 2 beta for yourself when it goes live on April 26.

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