Overwatch 2 developers confirm Torbjorn and Bastion return dates after bug fixes

published: 2022-10-20T05:40:00

Updated: 2022-10-20T04:50:54

Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard has confirmed when players can expect Torbjorn and Bastion to return to the game after being removed shortly after release due to game-breaking bugs.

The launch of Overwatch 2 didn’t go smoothly, with server issues, bugs and glitches all affecting the early weeks of the game. One of the biggest bugs Overwatch 2 faced at launch was the skill kits of the heroes Bastion and Torbjorn.

The development team was quick to take out the two characters after realizing they were broken, with Bastion in particular needing some major tweaks after it was discovered that the reworked damage hero could continuously fire his Artillery ultimate.

While players weren’t sure when these two fan favorites would be added back to the game, Blizzard hasn’t confirmed that they’ll be back and better than ever for the game’s next scheduled update on October 25.

The announcement was made via the Overwatch forum page, with the game’s community manager posting about the news in the discussion feed. The post also explained why Junkertown has been shut down, with the map and two heroes expected to return at the same time.

“Our goal is to re-enable [Junkertown]along with Torbjorn and Bastion, with our next scheduled update on October 25.”

Despite its rocky start, Overwatch 2 has been hugely popular since its launch. Blizzard announced that the game had already reached 25 million players in just 10 days, with peak players breaking records in the first episode.

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