Overwatch 2 developers hint at return of 2CP maps with a big spin

The Overwatch 2 beta is finally here. Players have been able to check out new maps and the sequel-exclusive mode ‘Push’ to replace 2CP – but it seems the developers aren’t done with the discarded mode yet.

Also known as ‘Assault’, 2CP was a game mode in the first Overwatch that instructed attackers to capture two targets defended by the opposing team. The mode was incredibly controversial and required extreme coordination of attackers – something rarely found in a solo queue environment.

As such, the developers have made the decision to remove Assault completely and have introduced Push as the first mode to take its place in due course with others on the way.

However, the developers seem to have hinted that the five 2CP maps will return in the future, but there’s a catch.

Overwatch's Hanamura First Point
Blizzard Entertainment

Cards like Hanamura may return in Overwatch 2.

2CP is coming back to Overwatch 2

In the official Overwatch 2 beta patch notes, the developers talked about the removal of 2CP, noting that they needed massive rework and total level rebuild to fix the issues with them.

Despite their removal and the decision to focus on creating new maps instead, the developers confirmed that Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya, Paris, and Horizon Lunar Colony would be available in custom games and the Workshop. And that’s not all!

“We will also look at future opportunities to bring them back to fast and competitive map rotations, as well as special events and arcade game modes,” they said.

snow storm on 2cp maps
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard developers outlined their plans for 2CP.

It’s not exactly clear how 2CP would be brought back into a competitive map rotation, but chances are it’s similar to how Blizzard implemented limited time seasons for Capture The Flag and Lucio Ball.

Whether we’ll see some major changes to the maps when they return remains to be seen, but with Overwatch’s PVE slated to complement the PVP component, it’s possible that 2CP’s return could be tied to story events.

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