Overwatch 2 Hero Leak May Reveal Junker Queen Abilities And Ultimate

As the Overwatch 2 beta gets closer, a new leak has surfaced that claims to reveal the kit for the highly anticipated Junker Queen hero.

The Junker Queen has been a rumored Overwatch hero for quite some time since she was first introduced to the game’s universe with the Junkertown map.

Former game director Jeff Kaplan even claimed that the team had “big plans” for the character in the future and while he’s no longer with Blizzard, it looks like she’s still on the way.

On April 5, former Overwatch League coach Félix “Féfé” Munch claimed to reveal what the upcoming hero’s gear would look like, including her abilities and ultimate. As always, take these rumors with salt, but this could very well be our first glimpse of a post-beta OW2 hero.

Junker Queen’s Overwatch 2 Skills May Be Leaked

During an April 5 Twitch stream with translations provided by Reddit user “Stuck-In-Orbit,” Féfé delved into what he’d heard about the hero from what he considers a reliable source.

First and foremost, her primary weapon is apparently a shotgun called the “Scattergun” and she also wields a sword-like melee weapon that has a bleeding effect that can deal damage over time.

According to the leak, the sword also has a boomerang function where she can send everything back and potentially laugh at enemies as it flies back to her.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment

The Junker Queen has been hinted at for a long time.

Aside from weapons, the leak also says she has a “Rallying Call” in which she gains 200 HP and allies 100. She also gains a movement boost, but it’s unclear if this will apply to teammates as well.

Her next ability “Carnage”, deals damage to all enemies in front of her with a bleeding effect that will deal damage over time. It’s unclear how much damage this ability does.

Next, “Adrenaline Shot” is a passive ability that the leaker claims would heal any damage done by a bleeding effect, so basically Ashe’s Dynamite or Widowmaker’s Venom Mine.

Overwatch 2 beta April 26
Blizzard Entertainment

PC users can sign up for the Overwatch 2 beta.

Finally, her ultimate “Rampage” sees the Junker Queen attacking in front of enemies and exerting a sort of anti-healing effect on them, similar to Ana’s Biotic Grenade, as she heals herself.

It’s not clear what role Junker Queen will play with Féfé, believing she’ll be a support or a tank, but it’s also possible that class and equipment will change before she’s added to the game.

Hopefully, with the Overwatch 2 beta going live on April 26, it won’t be long before we learn more about the Junker Queen and whether this leak is ultimately accurate.

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