Overwatch 2 players baffled console’s controller aim assist can be secretly enabled on PC

published: 2022-10-08T14:31:03

Updated: 2022-10-08T14:31:24

Overwatch 2 players debate whether a secret setting is bleeding controller aiming aid into PC’s mouse and keyboard players, making aiming feel “floaty”.

The highly anticipated Overwatch 2 is finally here, and hardcore fans of the FPS series have dived in and tried out the game’s new default 5v5 mode, as well as all the hero changes.

In addition to gameplay and store changes, there will also be plenty of new settings for players to tinker with to get the best and most comfortable customizations to their liking.

A player has come across a hidden setting that he thinks could mess with how the game plays for mouse and keyboard players.

overwatch 2 axisBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 arrived on October 4.

Overwatch 2 aim assist setting can mess with PC players

OW2 player AmonBull came across a setting in the controller settings that they believe passes into mouse and keyboard settings.

They said, “Controller settings spill over into PC mouse input.” Amon then offered a solution by going into the controls options, then the controller settings, then Advanced to reduce the Aim Smoothing.

Amon claimed this reduced the “floaty” feel they thought Overwatch 2 had.

An Overwatch fan wondering if this setting was indeed a real bug was convinced it’s real.

“I was super skeptical of people like Kephrii complaining about it, but after testing this myself, I’m almost 99% convinced this must be the bug. I think the controller target smoothing adds a ton of input lag on the PC and setting it to 0 disables it,” she said.

It seems that reducing the Aim Smoothing setting reduces the input lag and helps make it more like how Overwatch 1 felt.

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