Overwatch 2 Players Furious Over Custom Game Mode “Sexual Harassment Simulator”

published: 2022-10-23T20:05:24

Updated: 2022-10-23T22:28:22

After a 12-year-old reported an inappropriate Overwatch 2 custom game mode to his parents, outraged fans took to Twitter to shout out Blizzard and raise awareness of the “sexual harassment simulator” mode.

In addition to the main 5v5 battles and rotating arcade modes, Overwatch 2 allows players to create their own custom game lobbies. And since the introduction of custom games in Overwatch 1, players have produced some favorite modes such as Genji Ball and Parkour.

However, there is a dangerous side to custom Overwatch games as many players have come across sexually explicit content hidden in the game’s catalog. Game modes titled Tinderwatch 18+, Anime Girls Naked and “$Ex” are easily accessible for players of all ages.

These lobbies are designed to attract players looking for a more mature gaming experience, and their fantasies can be acted out using text and voice chat. But without any way to restrict access to these game modes, any player – regardless of age – can join these lobbies and participate in the conversations that are going on.

overwatch 2 custom game modesExamples of various custom game modes players can use in Overwatch 2

12-year-old discovers Overwatch 2 ‘sexual harassment simulator’

On October 23, Twitter user Lynn_McGoo released a PSA regarding sexually explicit game modes that her 12-year-old son discovered while playing Overwatch 2. She stated that her son came across two modes while playing custom games that offered hugely inappropriate gaming experiences.

“My 12-year-old son found modified games in it, one called ‘sexual harassment’ and a game that simulated the female characters being ripped off,” Lynn explained. She also wrote: “The game was called something ‘girls’ so he thinks it’s only female characters playing, he chose a female character, he was the only female character in the game, he was forced to lie down while the male characters were on top of his character and…”

She stated that the game was “quickly removed” and advised the parents to do the same.

Her tweet was subsequently retweeted by Twitch streamer Limmy. He added screenshots players posted on Twitter of a game mode titled “sexual harassment simulator”. One of the screenshots showed the game in the “Popular” section of the custom game browser, and another showed 13 active lobbies with 125 players.

Limmy wrote: “Apparently it’s been going on since the first game. It would be easy for Blizzard to prevent it, but they aren’t. This is a game marketed to 12-year-olds.”

Dive into the world of Overwatch 2 adult content

But how easy is it for players to access this kind of adult content on Overwatch 2? Includes the time it took to turn on the console, start up the game, and find and join a lobby; it all took about 10 minutes.

All a player has to do is scroll through the “All Games” list for a minute or two before encountering a lobby with “18+” or “Girls Naked”.

In our quest for answers, we joined a lobby titled “$3 X Hot skins or kick” where we were asked “Do you want $eX” within the first few seconds of entering the game.

Without asking about our gender, sexual orientation or age; the player asked for sexual favors via text chat.

overwatch explicit screenshotPictured is Overwatch 2’s text chat used to provoke mature actions

However, we have found that some steps have been taken to protect players from this type of content – ​​however pointless these steps may seem. In an effort to create our own custom game lobby, we discovered that players can no longer use certain banned words.

These words include “sex”, “sexual” and similar words of that nature. But as mentioned above, players can use special characters and ‘leet speak’, like the examples before where letters are replaced by numbers or similar characters, to get around these restrictions.

That said, we had managed to create a gaming lobby titled “harassment simulator”, which you could say is only marginally better than “sexual harassment simulator”.

make overwatch 2 a custom gameDexerto has managed to create an Overwatch 2 game lobby titled “harassment simulator”.

These game modes have been around since the days of Overwatch 1, but were stuck behind the game’s $30 price tag. Now that Overwatch 2 is free to play, it’s easier than ever for adolescent players to access the more nefarious content the game has to offer.

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