Overwatch 2 team vows to fix ranked system after ‘confusing’ competitive issues

Published: 2022-12-07T23:51:04

Updated: 2022-12-07T23:51:18

The developers of Overwatch 2 promise to fix issues with the game’s ranked system after the start of Season 2’s competitive mode left players completely baffled.

The new rank system in Overwatch 2 has been panned by many since its introduction. In addition to uneven matchmaking, the new mode reportedly even caused players to drop in rank despite winning many games.

The problems continued when Season 2 kicked off on December 6. While the latest patch brought the latest Overwatch hero, Ramattra, to the fold, players quickly realized some major issues with their rank when they booted up the game.

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Despite some players not finishing their 7 wins to see their next rank update, it seems that the system has taken the result of their matches and adjusted their SR level accordingly.

That’s not all; to start the latest season, players who already had an updated rank also saw their SR ranks drop significantly and had no idea why.

overwatch 2 ranks removedBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s ranked system is filtered by fans.

Blizzard reacts after Overwatch 2 players launch ranked update

In a statement on social mediathe Overwatch team explained that at the end of each season, the final rank of players will be based on matches played before their last update.

The developers further explained that when a season starts, they apply rank decay to all roles and claim that players should be able to climb back up to their true ELO.

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“All match-made games will still be based on your underlying MMR, ensuring we make matches as fair as possible,” they wrote.

However, Blizzard acknowledges that these changes came as a surprise to many and has promised to make things easier to understand.

“We will address these issues and other areas of the system in the future,” the developers concluded.

Hopefully we’ll see some major improvements to the Overwatch 2 ranking system once more players become increasingly frustrated with the changes made for the sequel.

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