Overwatch Community Divided Over Junker Queen Nerfs For OW2 Release

Overwatch developers have confirmed that Junker Queen will be nerfed before Overwatch 2 goes live, with fans seemingly having decided on the news without really getting a chance to test her first.

Junker Queen quickly won the hearts of Overwatch fans when she was brought into the game during the open beta earlier this year. However, fans were quick to point out how powerful she is compared to the other tank characters in the game.

Overwatch developers finally addressed this criticism a few days ago, confirming that Junker Queen will be tweaked when Overwatch 2 goes live on October 4.

While many fans are happy with this news, others are frustrated that she’s already being grained and changed when players haven’t even really had a chance to master her original playstyle.

In particular, these calls to rebalance Junker Queen are the result of many pro players stressing how powerful she is compared to other tank characters. Recent Overwatch League matches prove this, with almost all matches and teams showing Junker Queen strongly compared to her tank counterparts.

This split response from the Overwatch community marks a rift between those who are happy with Junker Queen’s nerfing and those who are disappointed by the news. A Twitter user even begged the Overwatch developers not to turn the game into League of Legends, because they “nerved the champions”.

An alternative situation brought up by other community members is to increase the power level of the other tanks instead of taking down the Junker Queen’s. This logic is supported by the idea that this will make tanks more important, especially with the role now soloed.

Exact details on how Junker Queen will be nerded when Overwatch 2 goes live are yet to be revealed.

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