Overwatch fans clown bootleg Soldier 76 on knock-off toy gun

Overwatch fans lost it after finding a bootleg image of Solider 76 on the packaging of a foreign toy gun.

Video game-based physical toys are some of the most profitable merchandise in the industry.

As such, fans often find hilarious-looking counterfeit toys from popular franchises on store shelves instead of official merchandise.

This is the case for one toy gun in Croatia, which used a bootleg version of Overwatch’s Solider 76 as its mascot, and fans may be fed up with it.

Overwatch fans clown bootleg Solider 76

Blizzard Entertainment

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Soldier 76’s iconic silver hair and glowing red visor definitely look…different on the knock-off rendition.

The toy gun image gained traction on the Overwatch subreddit, thanks to a post from user maxigax1 who referred to the character as “Fighter 74.”

In the lower left corner of the packaging, fans clearly recognized a character meant to represent the battle-hardened Overwatch Hero.

The bootleg version mimics the black-and-blue color scheme of the clothes from the original design, albeit in a much simpler outfit.

The dead surprise of this being a copycat, though, is the silver hair and red-tinted “visor” this affectionately dubbed “Soldier 74” wears.

After noticing the similarities, fans immediately begin to joke about the knock-off.

“This is actually Army Guy 63,” said user ehangeorgia_CG, while another insisted it was “Battleman 23” instead.

DanGimeno commented, “I see this Fighter 74 and somehow I only see Ben Stiller and his Blue Steel look”, referring to the knock-off’s strange pouting lips.

Other fans focused on the odd logo, giving the odd choice of letting the word “gun” split the world “battle” in the toy branding.

“Tactical Batguntle Activated,” said user Luna_Crios.

When asked why they found the toy in question, maxigax1 said “in a Big Tommy Hipermarket”, one of the leading supermarket chains in Croatia.

While Blizzard will probably never notice or care about this toy brand with Soldier 76’s likeness, it certainly gave the Overwatch community something to laugh about.

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