Overwatch players still love this in-game ban message 4 years later

After an Overwatch player learned of a cheater’s ban, a Reddit thread started about their love for the in-game ban messages.

Like countless other popular online shooters, hackers and the like have long plagued the digital world of Overwatch.

The hero shooter features anti-cheat software, but many cheaters still manage to slip through the cracks. This is despite the fact that Overwatch is reportedly banning more than 2,000 cheaters per week.

Players hope Activision Blizzard does its best to get the issue under control for Overwatch 2. But while the wait for such news continues, fans of the original continue to celebrate the small wins.

Overwatch player still appreciates the in-game ban messages

In a popular post on Reddit, user Nodefix1 shared a screenshot of a ban notification they recently received while playing Overwatch. “Even after 4 years, it still feels so good to get this message,” the Redditor wrote.

The message in question informs the player that a cheater has been detected, resulting in that person being banned and the match cancelled.

Nodefix1 clarified in a subsequent post that while they have received “thank you” messages before for reporting cheaters, this was the first time they received this particular notification.

The finer details aside, it seems that Overwatch stalwarts continue to feel some sense of justice when Blizzard removes cheaters from the game.

While job postings from earlier this year indicate Overwatch 2 will feature a much more robust set of anti-cheat measures, Activision Blizzard has yet to publicly explain what those measures entail.

Hopefully the publisher clears the air before the title launches in full. Overwatch 2 goes live as a free-to-play title on October 4 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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