Overwatch streamer goes from unranked to GM with no sound or HUD

Twitch streamer Bogur has completed one of the wildest Overwatch challenges of all time, going from unranked to GM on the hardest hard modes: no sound, HUD, or even voice chat.

Shooters like Overwatch have many different in-game tools to help players that are often taken for granted, such as sound, health, UI, ultimate charge, and more. But what would happen if you took them all away?

That’s exactly what Twitch streamer Bogur did when he set out to go from unranked all the way to Grand Master by playing strictly Winston, but that’s not all.

To make the challenge that much harder, the European streamer also decided to play at low resolution, 50% render and 150 ping by queuing on North American servers.

Overwatch Streamer Completes Wild Unranked For GM Challenge

After more than 80 hours of grueling gameplay, the Tank Head was able to complete the incredible Overwatch Challenge in the last-ranked season, but it cost him quite a bit of dealing with stream snipers and disconnections along the way.

Just days before, on September 2, he was only 100 SR away from reaching his target, but lost 400 SR instead. However, instead of giving up, he dug deep and kept grinding.

On September 6, the streamer lined up at King’s Row and tried his hardest to defend so that the enemy team couldn’t capture the final goal.

When it came time to attack, Bogur performed some key eliminations to fight a Nano Boosted Brigitte at the last moments to complete the journey.

“We fucking did it! We’ve done it!” he exclaimed, jumping from his gaming chair to bask in his monumental achievement. “I’m in tears.”

Mentally, Bogur was completely exhausted after the challenge and revealed he would be taking a break for a few days, but it all seems to have been worth it.

With Overwatch 2 launching in just under a month, it’s anyone’s guess what the tank legend has in store once the sequel finally comes out.

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