Palit Announces 3D Maker Project for GeForce RTX 40 GamingPro GPUs

Over the years, graphics card design has changed so much that we may have seen it all. Anime-inspired designs, colorful shrouds, detachable or attachable fans, and even four-slot passive designs. Palit recognized that innovations should not be confined to the company’s designer’s desk, but that people should be given the opportunity to explore new concepts. Along with the release of the RTX 4070 Ti graphics card, Palit unveiled the Maker Project.

Maker Project is a collection of 3D models compatible with GamingPro GPUs. Users can install a faceplate model for each of the GamingPro cards. These prints can be easily applied to the card and used to hide the current design. If a customer needs to print two parts separately, Palit even offers separate 3D models for customers with smaller printers. These models can be modified and then painted.

The video does not indicate whether such modifications will void the warranty. Palit has confirmed that the warranty remains in effect if only the four screws are removed. Of course, the cooler must not be completely disassembled. In addition, the GPU must be returned in its original condition for any RMA claims.

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