Patent trol targets Apple chips

Sonrai Memory Limited has filed a lawsuit for alleged patent infringement that they claim to possess.


The lawsuit was brought by the company in US District Court in the western district of Texas, saying the Cupertino-based company had infringed two of its patents.

The first was a “dynamic load variable charge pump circuit” and the second was “multiprocessor multi-OS chip”. Furthermore, it apparently involved the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the iPad Pro and the 5th generation iPad.

The case also states that Apple has infringed the 014 patent with chips for the T, M and A series. The 241 patent was for the SK Hynix NAND Flash die. The company claimed expenses, costs, interest, damages and license fees, as well as a jury trial.

Other technology companies Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Google and Western Digital have been targeted in these patent infringement cases.

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