Platoon for Artists App Launches

Platoon, owned by Apple, has launched a new app to help musicians in their careers.


UK based talent scouting company Platoon has released its official app and is aimed at Platoon signed artists for career management purposes.

Apple describes the app as the “home base for managing content, streams, revenue, and more,” with sections for earn, analytics, promote, and others.

The new Platoon app is free to download from the App Store. Only those who are registered by Platoon can login. Direct searches will not reveal the app and it is usually distributed via a direct link.

Platoon is designed for its artists especially Billie Eilish so that they can view and manage their content and career on their smartphones.

The talent scouting platform was originally founded in the UK by Saul Klein and Denzyl Feigelson. Feigelson was a former Apple executive and the driving force behind the iTunes Music Festival.

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