Pokemon fans defend Raihan as “first influencer” after Iono’s debut

published: 2022-10-12T22:48:48

Updated: 2022-10-12T22:49:09

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have introduced the Electric-type Gym Leader for the Paldea region, but not all fans are excited to meet the “influencer” Iono. Many instead recall that the first social media savvy Pokemon was NPC Sword & Shield’s Raihan.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are just over a month away from release, and trailers are coming out more often for players to watch. While many have included breakdowns in game mechanics and new Pokemon species, there have also been a few NPC introductions, including the divisive arrival of Electric-type Gym Leader Iono.

The new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leader was introduced to fans in what appears to be a livestream video. She is described as an “influencer” and “streamer”, with an appearance that resembles a modern VTuber. While it’s not clear if she’s just another person’s digital persona, or the actual Gym Leader, she seems to have a following in Paldea.

However, several fans are unimpressed with Iono’s streamer persona, reminding others that she isn’t the first Gym Leader to use social media in the franchise. In fact, Galar Dragon-type Gym Leader Raihan also takes selfies and grabs videos for fans online — and with a much less raspy personality.

Pokemon Fans Already Missing Raihan

In a Twitter post shared by heart_tailedthe Pokemon fans call others out and say Iono is the first real social media user in the series, saying “Iono is NOT the first Pokemon influencer he’s not for you” followed by an image of Raihan posing for an upload.

Other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans jump in and add to the debate. Infinitely_mako says “He’s everything to me, I want him to come back” while button_ie adds “history is forgotten so quickly”.

Other Pokemon players throw out hypothetical situations where the two Collab, many agree the combination would be humorous.

While not everyone agrees with Iono’s design, it will be interesting to see what her greater role in the Paldea region is and what her ability as a Gym Leader might be. The hint at modern internet culture might be a little shocking to those looking to escape reality, but it’s certainly an interesting change for the series.

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