Pokemon Go Community Stunned After Trainer Fills Bag With Over 40,000 Items

. Last updated: July 26, 2022

Pokemon Go players were stunned to see a trainer filled a bag with over 40,000 items, baffling onlookers stunned at how he managed to stack them.

There is a specific problem that Pokemon Go players routinely experience that has to do with storage management. Too often people are denied PokeStop spins or Battle rewards because they don’t have enough space in their bags.

While Niantic has been slowly introducing quality of life updates to help players get around some of the effects of rampant hoarding, it’s still a common problem.

One player found themselves in quite a hole thanks to their insane supply of various Poke Balls, leaving some trainers scratching their heads over how it got so bad.

Pokemon Go players find themselves constantly removing items so as not to overrun.

Redditor ‘bellbang99’ modified their Pokemon Go surpluses, showing that they were packing about 120x the amount of space the game gave them.

In a bag that can only carry 350, their poor avatar was carrying 41,211 items, including maximum gifts, over 30 lure modules, and 12,459 Poke Balls.

There’s no telling what else the player was transporting, but it’s clear that catching Pokemon may not be their main priority in their playthrough.

Above all, some PoGo players wondered how one could collect so many items without being held back by the system.

“How?” one person asked. Another player replied in kind with: “Same question here. Really confused.”

Fortunately, there were some people who could provide some answers: “You get items from raids and from adventure sync, regardless of whether your bag is full or not. Quite an achievement, but not worth it.”

For those folks who really want to test the limit of Pokemon Go’s bag, you can do it too – as disruptive as it may be to the overall gameplay.

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