Pokemon Go Field Research Tasks and Rewards (October 2022)

published: 2022-10-03T10:39:00

Updated: 2022-10-03T10:39:58

A new batch of Field Research tasks and rewards were added to Pokemon Go in October 2022, and Niantic has revealed that this month’s Research Breakthrough reward is none other than Shedinja!

Field Research was first introduced in 2018 and gives Trainers various tasks to complete to earn rewards. Completing seven tasks over seven days will result in a Research Breakthrough, which is a guaranteed encounter with a desirable Pokemon.

These Field Research tasks contain several gameplay elements: some will ask you to catch different types of Pokemon, others require you to participate in Raid Battles, and a few will charge you with earning candies with your Buddy.

In October 2022, trainers can earn a meeting with Shedinja as a research breakthrough. This Bug/Ghost-type creature is a very rare find in Pokemon Go, so it’s worth catching as many as you can!


Pokemon Go Field Research Tasks and Rewards (October 2022)

Pokemon Go field research

If you complete the following tasks, you will be rewarded: one of the rewards in the right column. The item or Pokemon encounter is randomly chosen upon completion.

Acquiring field research tasks

Throw Field Research Tasks

Combat Field Research Tasks

Pokemon Go Professor Willow Research Breakthrough

Buddy Field Research Tasks

Friendship Field Research Tasks

Egg Field Research Tasks

Various field research tasks

What is field research in Pokemon Go?

Field research is a set of tasks that: obtained by spinning a PokeStop or Gym. Players who want to earn rewards will have to travel as they can only complete one task per day for each location.

Each task contains an objective and Trainers receive a reward for achieving it. Rewards can range from items like Poke Balls to encounters with specific Pokemon, all of which you can see in the table above.

How do I unlock a research breakthrough?

To unlock a Research Breakthrough and meet the current month’s Pokemon, you must: complete one field research task every day for seven days. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be consecutive days.

After completing a task, make sure to claim the reward on the Field Research progress page to earn a stamp. You can only earn one stamp per day, but completed tasks can be saved and claimed at a later time to earn a stamp.

Once seven stamps have been earned, you can claim your Research Breakthrough reward by opening the pack that appears at the top of the Field Research progress page.

Pokemon Go Research BreakthroughNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Players unlock Research Breakthrough after collecting seven stamps.

How to get Shedinja in Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough

Shedinja is the Research Breakthrough for October 2022, which means you’ll need to earn your seventh Field Research stamp and claim your big reward before the end of the month, because then another Pokemon will take over.

If you earn a stamp every day in October, you should be able to earn up to four Research Breakthroughs, meaning you get the chance to catch four Shedinjas, which is a great way to stock up on Candy.

Is there a Shiny Shedinja in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Shedinja will be available for the first time in Pokemon Go from October 2022! If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny as a Research Breakthrough reward.

All past Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough rewards

Screenshot of Legendary Bird trio Moltres in Pokemon Go.Niantic / The Pokemon Company

Moltres was the first Pokemon to be made available through Research Breakthrough rewards.

Interested in seeing all the past made available through Research Breakthroughs in Pokemon Go history? Check out the full list below:

Rewards for Groundbreaking Research 2018

Breakthrough Rewards for Research 2019

Research Rewards 2020

Research Rewards for 2021

Research Rewards for 2022

Field Research Breakthrough Shiny Rates

Like most species, Pokemon encounters from Field Research and Breakthrough rewards have a Shiny percentage of about 1 in 450. While not the best odds, it’s still better than most of the major RPGs.

If you want to increase your chances of finding a Shiny variant, make sure you don’t miss a day of Field Research as this way you get up to four Research Breakthrough encounters.

What is Special Research in Pokemon Go?

Special research is different from field research because these include: tasks usually based on stories or tied to an in-game celebration, such as Go Fest or Valentine’s Day, and usually offer much larger rewards.

While field research tasks are acquired randomly, special research missions are the same for all players and often lead to encounters with Mythical Pokemon like Mewtwo or Meloetta.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s Field Research task rewards for October 2022.

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