Pokemon Go Halloween event accidentally adds much-needed accessibility feature

published: 2022-10-22T19:37:53

Updated: 2022-10-22T19:38:04

It’s that time of year again when Pokemon Go gets spooky, Pokemon don their costumes and ghosts fill the map. But for this year’s Halloween festivities, Niantic made a change to the map that accidentally added a much-needed accessibility feature.

If you’ve opened Pokemon Go in the past week, you’ll notice that Niantic has made some drastic changes to the in-game map for the Halloween event. The grass has become desaturated, piles of leaves lie on the ground and orange foliage flies through the air.

These spawns have also been altered to reflect the hideous nature of the Halloween ghost. Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon have invaded Pokemon Go and new challenges have players filling their storage with all kinds of creepy creatures.

But one of the most notable changes is the color change for Pokestops. The light blue structures have been given an orange paint job and are marked with pumpkins. And while it may not have been Niantic’s intention, these changes provide a much-needed accessibility feature for players who are colorblind.

Pokemon Go Halloween Pokestops Help Colorblind Players

Pokemon Go fans rejoiced when the map took on its new form, especially since the game has never seen such a drastic change in appearance before. However, one player sang Niantic’s praises for a different reason.

“I can see the stops!” Reddit user Talismutt shared on r/pokemongo. “I’ve been playing Pokemon Go since its release, on and off. Since day 1, I have had to double check every stop, wondering whether or not I ran it.

They then explained that they are color blind and that it has been impossible for them to distinguish between the light blue unspun stops and the purple spun stops.

“Enter Orange pokestops. Holy Toledo batman! I see the difference, clear as day! I hope other colorblind players enjoy the ease of identification as much as I do!” declared Talismut.

One player in the comments wondered why Niantic hadn’t changed the color of Pokestops sooner as they are not suitable for colorblind players.

However, not every player who is color blind has the same opinion. “To me, seeing the orange stops hit the ground rather hard like someone with a red/green weakness.” To which another player replied, “Lmao, I’m the same way. While all our blue blind bois are cleared, we get red-green deficient the shaft!”

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